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Good day guys, and welcome to the second episode of Techpot. Let’s get started.

Microsoft Bing Chat is now available for everyone, so no more waiting list. The cool thing is you can also add the add-on to your edge browser. When you, when you click it, you have some insights that you can address or you can ask summarize this page and it will give you some key insights. I don’t know why it doesn’t show the insights from this click, but right now it says it makes a Bing GBT four chatbot available to everyone. No wait list exactly like I told you. All you need is the Microsoft account, so please do. And there will be even, and that’s great news as well, plugins just like G P T itself. So let’s try this button one more time. All right. Maybe a reload. Yeah, this is the one I was looking for. It’ll give you some basic info, some office company, some and q and a about this page, key points.

So we had this one. Secondly, this was a little less good news for Microsoft, but it is forcing itself again, like back in the nineties in this case with the browser instead, but not the Internet Explorer, but of course edge.

It is forcing Outlook and Teams to open links in edge even though your default browser itself is set otherwise. The community was not amused, and we’ll see what will happen. Another open AI update, and this time they are releasing, not the chatbot, not DALL-E, but SHAP-E and SHAP-E is basically generating with ai, 3D art, like an airplane that looks like a banana.

It’s creates this, a spaceship like this. So it is not available as a web prompt yet, you have to download it from GitHub and install it locally, but we’ll see what happens. Speaking of ai, it is reported that they have lost almost half a billion US dollars in developing ChatGPT, but with the investment from Microsoft around 10 billion and more coming up, I’m pretty sure they will do well.

Now on Google News, we have 3, 4, 5, 6 items on Google, so here we go. The first one, it’s finally responding to make search more, with AI bits, visual snackable, as they say, personal human. Well, they have to because they see that their search is that basically ChatGPT and chat bots are eating search.

Secondly, there’s a lot of new hardware news or lot, several, at least the pixel Watch two is coming. Looking like this. And when it comes to Google and hardware, they’re also announcing the Pixel Fold, which is Google’s first foldable phone. And the interesting part is that they are also working to bring Bard, basically the competitor to ChatGPT that AI to the Pixel phones as a home screen widget.

Basically what Microsoft is doing with Bing. So that is an interesting AR war going on. Now, google has fighting this war on different fronts, not just against OpenAI and Microsoft, but its biggest component may maybe open AI itself too, is the open source community. What they have discovered is that all those billions and months, maybe even years of development since Meta opened their model. It’s basically open source communities that are releasing and innovating in a matter of weeks or even days. So, This is an interesting read. We’ll post it on the website, of course, for you to read it fully. Let’s try one quickie of this one.

And this is exactly the key points. Open source are faster, more customer, more private. So yeah, read it in fully. That’s exactly what the author says. So good read. That’s a good read now. Check marks: twitter is almost was full of the blue check mark. Right now, GMail is adding their blue checkmark to verify its senders.

I’m not so sure if it’s a free service right now. Of course we can just ask: is this free service from Google to offer the blue check mark? According to the current webpage conduct, Gmails adding a blue check mark to emails for standards that have adopted BIMI: brand indicators for message identification.

The features rolling out available over the coming weeks. However, the article does not mention if this service is free or not. Well, all right, but thank you for that information. Now coming from miscellaneous talking about blue check marks, there’s also Bluesky, which is probably the number one competitor for Twitter.

There was a lot of news about Mastadon as a decentralized version, but I’m hearing a lot of stuff that’s been really just boring. Bluesky, however, is founded by Jack Dorsey who started Twitter itself. And the interesting part about Bluesky is not just the service, the social network, but also the protocol, the at protocol.

Another interesting part about Bluesky is that there are not just two different algorithms available basically your chronological time. The most popular one is the algorithms offered by the social network itself, like Facebook is doing, like Twitter is doing. But Bluesky, however, is offering developers a way to offer their own algorithm. So maybe offering special, different features that is showing up.

Or marking a message more important to you than other algorithms. Interesting stuff. It’s still in private. You need a invite code. Still don’t have one. So if you have one, please drop it at me.

So, this is interesting as well because Amazon is very well known for its distributed systems. As a matter of fact, its cto blog is AllThingsDistributed. but Amazon Prime, here it says in a May four article that even Amazon itself can’t make sense of serverless or microservices. In this case, it’s basically for Prime video. And they are referring to this page released almost two months ago, where they wrote the blog from Prime Video senior development team that they’re reducing costs by 90%.

By switching from distributed systems to one big monolith application. That is interesting because Werner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon, his blog is called All Things Distributed. So in this case, he is explaining why it is very much okay, where certain applications and architectures can evolve from something distributed to a monolith and they are not dinosaurs.

Now we mentioned we mentioned Blue Sky, we mentioned as a alternative to Twitter. But if you’re still using Twitter or just lurking or doing not so much about it, do know that Twitter is purging old accounts. So if you still want to keep your username even though you haven’t used it for years, maybe, maybe just log in and tweet one or two messages once in a while to make sure that your account is not being deleted or purged in this case.

The CEO of OpenAI , Sam Elman is basically respinning new crypto project WorldCoin. And the interesting point about this one is not just about cryptocurrency, which is crashing lately anyway with Web3. But it’s saying it is preparing for UBI, the universal basic income. And I truly believe that with the immense growth and developments on the AI department, that we really should think how to guarantee at least universal basic income.

And that was already the end of it. So I say thank you so much. This was another Tuesday technology update on the Techpot: Your Jackpot for new technology updates. See you next week. Cheers.

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