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In this episode, we cover everything from Microsoft and Apple news to updates on AI and tech billionaires’ investments. Join us as we explore the integration of Unreal Engine with Visual Studio, leaks about iOS 17, and the latest features of ChatGPT. Plus, don’t miss out on the fireside chat with Bill Gates, where he shares his thoughts on education and math.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just looking to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements, this episode has something for everyone.

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Episode 1 of the Techpot show on YouTube aired May 5, 2023

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Techpot. Every Tuesday, a new technology update, and here we go. We have Microsoft News, apple News, and AI news. You see a preview that the godfather of AI quit Google. So what else? Microsoft build coming in May. Also, we have a fireside chat with Bill Gates.

On Visual studio front, there is integration of Unreal Engine. On apple we have a leak of iOS 17 and unhappy Apple employees who were not the biggest fans of Siri. On the AI we have ChatGPT with new features. There is an alternative to ChatGPT coming from hugging face.

Meta is playing catch up on the AI front and on miscellaneous news we have a little update about something called Blue Sky. And what are tech billionaires in investing if it’s not in ai?

Microsoft first, as said. In Seattle, you can go there on premises, on site on May 22, 23, and 24. There’s a pre-day workshop, but you can also attend online for free.

And that is a two-day event. Check it out online at Day one will be kicked off by Satya Nadella with a keynote. More on that on the later front. Microsoft’s chief commercial officer, Judson Aloff, posted a quite lengthy blog post about the era of AI. I clicked the Bing button and asked, all right, what is the key insight? One of the things that it showed was Azure Co-Pilot. I was like, Hmm, I’ve known something in co-pilot for Viva for teams. Microsoft 365 is coming up with a co-pilot, but an Azure co-pilot, not really. So tell me more about it. Well, It’s search, it’s search, it’s found something on the web text in relation to dynamics, but then it concluded there is no such thing as Azure Co-pilot. So I guess our jobs are still safe. Next staying in the Visual studio part, they are integrating Unreal Engine with Visual Studio.

Now you might think that unreal Engine is purely game related. But if you check out the Unreal Engine 5.2 and the Metahuman, they are making hyper-realistic characters. So I think a site game development, the role of Unreal Engine when it comes to 3D rendering the real world, it is amazing.

So Visual Studio also in quite some depth about the GitHub Co-pilot. Now there’s a lot of information, so again, I press that bing button in my browser to give some key points. Here they are.

Pause it to read it so you don’t have to. The fireside chat is on Gates notes, the personal blog of Bill Gates, and he had a fireside chat with Jesse Wooley Wilson, the president and CEO of DreamBox learning. As a matter of fact bill Gates spoke a lot about his interest and his thought of education and what it turns out.

He is in investing heavily with the gates Foundation into math.

Windows 11 is adding a phone link option for iOS. It is introduced first for Android, especially since Microsoft mobile devices, like the Surface is running Android, but now they’re offering compatibility and support for io s devices soon it’s rolling out already.

At least you can see your messages. Maybe even pick up your phone. I’m not so sure if you can actually make FaceTime calls on your Windows 11 device more in Windows 11. A very small feature that has been added, but. Quite useful. Aside from screenshotting, just making images with the snipping tool, you have now the option right there or maybe right there next to the camera I can actually make video snippets. You can screen record as if you will. Of course you have the option, also PowerPoint, but now in the sniping tool as well. Bridging to Apple News, first of all, there is a mockup alleged iOS 17 wallet that is integrating the new financial options or services that Apple is offering like Apple Pay later.

And recently announced Apple savings, which is offering a, I think a swooping 4.5 or four point 15%. Interest on your savings. Well sign me up. Sadly, it’s only in the US for starters, but since Apple is having billions of euros and dollars across the whole world, I wouldn’t be surprised if they roll out this option worldwide soon.

Secondly about Siri. Yeah. Even Apple employees are not a big fan. They’re very skeptical about its future and people are even quitting and going to Google and other AI chat bots alternatives to Siri in this case. While the hopes are, hi, when it comes to the mobile devices, like the iPhone, and when it comes to probably the ar or at least the apple first headset, if you will, that’s announced in June. We’re not so sure about the role of Siri because I can relate speaking to Siri doesn’t understand misunderstands different names, different actions. We’ll see what happens on the Siri front soon.

On the ai, which is a bridge from Siri anyways, a lot of news, so like said, the godfather of ai Geoffrey Hinton quit his job at Google and he basically said I don’t want to be the Opperheimer that is making the nuclear bomb, but then the digital version of that. So he is very worried about the risks.

I think we do need regulation but I do see also the potential. But it’s a good thing that we all start worrying a little bit more about AI and not just looking at the technological go upsides. Speaking of ai, one of the most popular options you have right now is ChatGPT and one of their concerns was privacy. There was even news that Samsung completely forbid their employees after finding out that they entered very top-secret software code into ChatGPT. Now they have an option to disable the chat history, so that data will not be used for training its model.

If you are more worried about your privacy concerns, there is a big community of AI called Hugging Face, and it’s releasing its very own version of ChatGPT. It’s called Hugging Chat. They did look quite, quite well to ChatGPT because in all honesty, it’s basically a clone, the whole interface the inner workings.

Who knows, but the interface is basically identical. Speaking of AI and catching up meta they are trying to catch up on the generative AI department. Stakeholders of meta told Mark Zuckerberg, nice view on your metaverse, billions of US dollars tanked into the metaverse, but without much result.

However mark Zuckerberg still says that the metaverse is definitely not out of focus. They’re pivoting to the AI department. If you ask me though, I see AI and the metaverse going hand in hand, but that is a completely different story. Now, mark Zuckerberg already laid off around 11,000 jobs in November, 2022.

There is a new round coming and it is hurting morale. It’s not just at Meta, but software engineers worldwide are panicking about being replaced by ai. Now, there is a lot of stories and evidence that AI like ChatGPT, is capable of generating working software code. It is just the same for many other jobs that you will not be replaced by ai, but that it will be replaced by somebody using ai better or more than you do.

So call to action, everybody. Start using learning, improving on your AI skills. In the miscellaneous department, two items already said that if the tech billionaires are not investing in ai, well then, well they see fusion as the holy grail for business. They basically see unlimitless energy source, clean energy with the use of fusion.

Now, I don’t think they are nonprofits but of course they are looking into this as an investment. However, with the climate crisis and changes coming, well, we should welcome anything that is clean energy and if it’s limitless, why not?

Lastly speaking about alternatives, not to open ai, but to Twitter, since Elon Musk took over a lot of, has changed a lot of rumors, a lot of issues Jack Dorsey, the initial founder of Twitter started Blue Sky a while ago, and it is basically a decentralized version of Twitter and sort of protocol.

That was the first episode of Techpot. My name is Mike van Zandwijk. Subscribe or like, and share this Techpot. Thank you for watching or listening. Share with your friends, give some feedback. Thank you so much and see you next Tuesday.

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